Stephen Preuss and Erik Helgesen with PayMore on Franchise Business Radio

The Franchise Business Radio show is a platform to bring together franchise professionals to connect, educate and collaborate to serve the franchise community and those considering franchise ownership.

Topics & Questions:

1. First things first, tell us about PayMore and what your store locations have to offer?
2. Who is the ideal end-customer that your franchisee’s service?
3. How did PayMore get started prior to becoming a franchise opportunity?
4. Why did you choose to franchise?
5. Tell us a little bit about the market / any trends, etc?
6. How have you disrupted the marketplace?
7. New Products / Services to Announce?
8. Has technology played a role in your business?
9. What kind of growth are your experiencing as a franchise system?
10. What are the future plans and projections for your franchise company?
11. What are your target markets for 2021?
12. How can someone get in touch with you about the franchise opportunity?

Stephen R Preuss is the CEO of Paymore Group. Stephen has a 20+ year career as an entrepreneur with a heavy focus on commercial real estate where has executed over 450 transactions for a total dollar volume exceeding $4B. Stephen has also been a partner with Erik since 2004 in the buy & sell industry. Stephen is married with 2 children and resides on the North Shore of Long Island, NY where he was also born and raised.

Erik Helgesen, President of PayMore Group. Erik is a technology specialist and a career entrepreneur that’s been in the buy and sell business for over 16 years. Erik is a Long Island, NY native along with his wife and 2-year-old son.