Go Green with PayMore Stores

Being sustainable isn’t just an option; it’s a duty we owe to the planet. At PayMore Stores, we are fully committed to environmental stewardship. Through our recycling programs, we keep electronic waste out of landfills, which in turn minimizes damaging emissions and fosters a healthier, more sustainable world.

recycle electronics

When you buy, sell, and trade-in your used electronic devices, you’re ensuring that your family’s sustainable purchasing decisions continue to earn dividends. Electronics resale keeps harmful electronics and chemicals out of our landfills, gives your well-loved devices the chance at a second life, and puts some money in your own pocket in the process.

– PayMore Store Founders

How do PayMore Stores contribute to environmental protection?

Our company’s mission focuses on aiding local communities in minimizing electronic waste, one device at a time, by providing exceptional trade-in values, fair dealings, and ensuring data security.

Come to a local PayMore Store with your unneeded electronic devices. If we can’t offer payment for them, we will recycle them at no cost to you. Properly recycling electronics is a significant service to the environment, as they cannot simply be discarded but must be managed with care and security. Beyond handling your devices’ local recycling, we also prioritize your data privacy. Each device will be wiped and/or destroyed of any personal information, reflecting our commitment to both environmental responsibility and your security.

When an individual or business trades a device at a PayMore Store, it is repurposed, allowing it a second life instead of contributing to local landfill accumulation. Preventing even a single device from ending up in a landfill helps to keep harmful chemicals away from our soil and drinking water. Trading in your old device at a PayMore Store is not only enjoyable and environmentally beneficial, but you’ll also get paid for it!

Buying a brand new device from a major retailer may feel satisfying, but is it the most eco-friendly option? When our local stores resell devices acquired from businesses and the public, they’re not just giving those gadgets a new lease on life; they’re also diminishing the need to produce new devices. This has the positive effect of reducing the negative and long-lasting impact on our planet that comes with manufacturing new electronics.

  • Our locations utilize repurposed paper, cardboard boxes, and other materials whenever possible, as part of our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Commitment to Operating Eco-Friendly Locations.

Our locations are mandated to sustain a focus on eco-friendly daily operations. The way our local PayMore Stores conduct business reflects a strong commitment to these environmental responsibilities:

Our locations actively reduce waste in the following ways:

  • We provide paper receipts to our customers only upon request, typically sending them digitally to their email or mobile phone to minimize paper waste.
  • Instead of offering plastic gift cards, we only provide digital gift cards to cut down on plastic waste.
  • We supply bags or packaging to our retail walk-in customers only if requested, thereby further reducing paper waste.
  • All of our computers and appliances are Energy Star rated, reflecting our commitment to energy efficiency.

  • Our computers are configured to operate in the lowest possible power mode and are set to enter sleep mode when inactive, further conserving energy.