Go Green with PayMore Stores

Get Paid to Trade in or Recycle your old tech!

PayMore Stores are local buy, sell and trade electronic stores that operate under a strong green focus. Our local electronic stores are commited to reducing electronic waste in their local communites, while running their store locations with a focus on being as eco-friendly and green as possible.

“When you buy, sell, and trade-in your used electronic devices, you’re ensuring that your family’s sustainable purchasing decisions continue to earn dividends. Electronics resale keeps harmful electronics and chemicals out of our landfills, gives your well-loved devices the chance at a second life, and puts some money in your own pocket in the process.” – PayMore Store Founders

How does PayMore Stores Help the Environment?

Our company mission is to help our local communities reduce electronic waste one device at a time, while offering incredible fair trade in values and data security.

Visit a local PayMore Store with your unwanted electronic devices, if we can’t pay for you for them we will recycle them free of charge. When you recycle electronics properly you’re doing a big service to the planet. Electronics can’t just be thrown out, they have to be handled properly and securely. Aside from recycling your devices locally with us, we are also committed to your data privacy, so each device will be wiped and/or destroyed of your personal data.

When a customer or business trades their device into a PayMore Store, these are repurposed, giving them for a second life rather than allowing them to accumulate in our local landfills. Even one device prevented from entering a landfill keeps harmful chemicals out of our soil and drinking water. It’s fun, good for the enviroment, and you’ll get paid to trade in your old device to a PayMore Store.

Purchasing a brand new device from a major retailer feels great, but is it the best thing for our planet? When our local stores re-sell the devices they acquire from busineses and the public they are not only giving that device a new life but theyre reducing the need to manufacture new devices which have negative long lasting effects on our planet.

  • Our locations shop and use repurposed paper, cardboard boxes and other materials when applicable.

Our Focus on Running Eco-Friendly Locations.

Our locations are required to maintain their focus on eco friendly day to day operations. How our local PayMore Stores operate says a lot about these commitments:

  • Our locations only offer paper receipts to our customres by request, all receipts are digitally sent to their email or mobile phone in an effort to reduce paper waste.
  • Our locations do not offer plastic gift cards, only digital gift cards in an effort to reduce plastic waste.
  • Our locations only offer bags or packaging to our retail walk-in customers on request, otherwise reducing paper waste
  • All of our computers and appliances are energy star rated.
  • All of our computers are in the lowest power mode possible and are set to be in sleep mode when inactive.
  • Our locations shop and use repurposed paper, cardboard boxes and other materials when applicable.