Experience a seamless, safe, and efficient way to sell electronics for cash.

Visit a PayMore Store®

Check out one of our certified PayMore Stores® in your area. These stores are designed to provide a safe, well-lit, and secure environment for customers interested in where to sell electronics near me. No appointment is necessary; simply bring the devices you want to sell.

sell devices for cash

We’ll Test and Inspect

Our expert gadget technicians will quickly test and and inspect your device’s condition. We also purchase broken electronics too. When it comes to assessing your device’s condition, you can trust our expert gadget technicians to conduct comprehensive testing and inspection.

Offer Price

We’ll make you a top dollar cash or trade offer based off our proprietary live marketplace tracking and comparison software. Experience the advantage of our cutting-edge technology that tracks and compares live marketplace data, ensuring you receive a top dollar cash or trade offer.

Keep your Data Safe

At a PayMore Store®, our proficient staff members are well-trained in the meticulous wiping of all devices that are bought or traded in order to ensure the utmost security of our customers’ data. The process of buying and selling tech is streamlined, hassle-free, and most importantly, it prioritizes the safety of our customers.

electronics store in cary, nc buys and sells devices with a handshake

You get paid!

You have the option to receive immediate cash payment at a generous rate, or you may choose to utilize PayMore trade credit, which offers an even higher rate if you intend to shop at our retail store.

All devices sold to a PayMore Store are professional data wiped.

When you sell electronics for cash to a PayMore Store, rest assured that it is is professionally wiped of all your personal data on the spot at no cost to you. You can confidently leave our store knowing that your device will be fully cleared of all data and reset to its original factory settings. Sell electronics with peace of mind, knowing that our electronic experts have ensured the secure removal of all your personal data.

Selling tips

eighteen years old

To sell electronics to a PayMore Store, please ensure that you have a valid non-expired State or Government photo ID and are at least 18 years old.

Acceptable forms of ID are: State Driver’s License, State Permit, Social Service Photo ID, State ID Card, Military, Green Card, United States Passport, International Passport.

Sell broken electronics for cash

Do you possess an old, broken iPhone or smartphone that’s merely gathering dust? Or perhaps you’re searching for places that in buy broken MacBooks? At PayMore Stores, we provide instant cash payments today for customers looking to sell broken electronics. Since we’re always looking for broken electronics to buy, your broken electronics are valuable to us. Feel free to reach out to discover how you can transform those damaged devices into cash.