About our Team, our Mission, our History, and our Future!

PayMore was founded in 2011 in Massapequa, NY – A small close knit community on the southeastern portion of Long Island, Nassau County. We have bought and sold thousands of electronics and have become known as Long Island’s place to buy, sell and trade electronics ever since. We started with a small storefront in Massapequa which has now become of national interest and featured in entrepreneur magazine.  Our second location was opened in 2018 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, our third location in Cary, NC and now a forth in Gastonia, NC. We are processing applications for new PayMore Stores across the country!

Our corporate office is located in Long Island, NY, and our Founder/President, CEO, and corporate support and sales staff are all Long Island residents that are involved in their local communities.

All of our PayMore Store locations are locally owned and operated by members of your community as well.

The Goal:

To provide a fast, safe, easy, and fair way for customers to buy, sell, and trade electronics.

  • Offer the fairest possible cash offers on all electronics.

  • Exist as not only as a business, but also provide a needed service for our customers.

  • Provide a safe, hassle free and fun way for customer’s to sell their old electronics.

  • Build our customer’s trust, we are nothing without our customers.

  • Keep our company focused on our local communities, help to make a difference by recycling old electronics properly.

A PayMore Store is a secure and safe retail location where people go to sell their new, used, and even broken electronics for cash! We take the hassle out of getting top dollar for your electronics. No mailing your gadgets to an undisclosed location, no meeting a stranger off the internet in a dark alley. We give cold hard cash over our counter to our customers. Most of our customers are surprised when they hear that we buy broken electronics. Don’t forget, if your gadget isn’t worth anything, you can still recycle it responsibly free of charge at a PayMore Store!

A PayMore Store is your local community’s technology hub where residents can safely buy, sell and trade electronics. We provide a safe, well lit walk-in store that shields our customers from in-person and online fraud while selling electronics. Our staff professionally data wipes all devices sold further providing a layer of security against identify theft, and data hackers/fraud. We offer top dollar by using our propriety software which scans competitors, online trade-in sites and more to offer the best possible cash price without the hassles and dangers of selling online.

When it comes to buying used electronics, our stores make sure all electronics sold are fully functional, passed a local law enforcement screen by serial number, and are covered under a warranty. We offer the communities that we operate in a place to safely save on used electronics without dealing with strangers on the internet, purchasing a lemon, or buying a device that ends up lost or stolen. We back all of our sales with a full money back guarantee and warranty.

Furthermore, we reduce electronic waste by re purposing devices that would have been tossed into a landfill. We also offer local electronic recycling to our communities to prevent chemical ridden electronics entering our local waste facilities.

Your local PayMore Store is your communities electronic hub for all things electronic!

Our staff consists of electronic and technology gurus whose sole passion is tech! On an average day, we process over 250 electronic devices. We work with local colleges to hire new computer and IT graduates. We also developing an intern program within the next year that will offer a full range of experiences including entrepreneurship.

Community Involvement -Volunteering & Sponsorship

Our ownership, management and staff are involved in your local communties.

From volunteering for Veteran’s barbecue cookouts, sponsoring and donating to local foundation’s like Benefit Children with Cancer and Special Needs, Love Holds Life Foundation Children Cancer Foundation, to keeping our local VWF Hall’s televisions up to date – we’re always putting our efforts back into the thing that matters most, community. Please feel free to reach out to us if your local charity or cause can use our support here.