About our Team, our Mission, our History, and our Future!

A PayMore Store is a secure and safe retail location where people go to sell their new, used, and even broken electronics for cash! We take the hassle out of getting top dollar for your electronics. No mailing your gadgets to an undisclosed location, no meeting a stranger off the internet in a dark alley. We give cold hard cash over our counter to our customers. Most of our customers are surprised when they hear that we buy broken electronics. Don’t forget, if your gadget isn’t worth anything, you can still recycle it responsibly free of charge at a PayMore Store!

PayMore’s Mission Statement

To provide a fast, safe, easy, and fair way for customers to buy, sell, and trade electronics.

  • Offer the fairest possible cash offers on all electronics.

  • Exist as not only as a business, but also provide a needed service for our customers.

  • Provide a safe, hassle free and fun way for customer’s to sell their old electronics.

  • Build our customer’s trust, we are nothing without our customers.

  • Keep our company focused on our local communities, help to make a difference by recycling old electronics properly.

We’re a Long Island, New York based company who lives here, works here, and raises families here. Our business started here and is now branching out across the United States. However, PayMore has never wavered from keeping Long Island and New York the main focus, and our company plans to keep jobs and opportunities here on the island and New York City.

PayMore was founded in 2011 in Massapequa, NY – A small yet close knit community on the south portion of Long Island. We have bought and sold thousands of electronics and have become known as Long Island’s place to buy, sell and trade electronics ever since. We started with a small storefront in Massapequa and now have become of national interest. We are expanding throughout Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and as far as Texas.

Our management, franchise office, and operations are all Long Island based.

Our staff consists of electronic and technology gurus whose sole passion is tech! On an average day, we process over 250 electronic devices. We work with local colleges to hire new computer and IT graduates. We also developing an intern program within the next year that will offer a full range of experiences including entrepreneurship.

Community Involvement -Volunteering & Sponsorship

Our ownership, management and staff are involved in your Long Island community.

From volunteering for Veteran BBQs or Sponsoring to Benefit Children with Cancer and Special Needs, we’re always putting our efforts back into the thing that matters most, community.

7/15/2017: NYU Winthrop University’s Pacu Unit receives new 42″ TV courtesy of PayMore Massapequa to replace ailing break room TV.