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Buy, sell and trade today’s hottest electronics and yesterday’s favorites while remaining data safe. 

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Search above and find a cerified PayMore Store® near you. PayMore Stores are safe, well-lit and secure retail trading centers that customers can goto to buy, sell and trade electronics.

PayMore Stores are opening quickly across the United States!

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Sell Electronics for Cash

Bring in your old or unwanted electronic devices, our staff will quickly test and determine the value. We always give top dollar for new, used and even broken devices. If we can’t offer a payment, we can always recycle it for free.

Shop In-Store or Online

Shop thousands of discounted new and pre-owned electronics with warranties, in-store or online; sort by store, or search across all PayMore Stores.

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Keep your Data Safe

Our expert staff is trained to wipe all devices that are sold or traded in to ensure our customer’s data security. Buying and selling tech is fast, easy, but most all safe at a PayMore Store® .


Recycle old Electronics

Each PayMore Store® serves their local community as a collection point for electronic recycling. Help do our part in reducing your our local communities’ eWaste today.

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What sets a certified PayMore Store apart from regular pawn shops, or mail in websites is that we are experienced electronic experts you can speak to and know your data is being wiped with you present. Our technicians will make sure that your device is professionally wiped of all your personal data, free of charge.

Our company maintains a strong focus on our customer’s data privacy and protection.