Florida Welcomes New PayMore Store Location in Palm Beach 

There’s a new neighbor in town in Palm Beach, Florida. Johnny and Michelle Castellon, the newest PayMore Store franchise owners, are planning to welcome customers to their Greenacres storefront soon. More than 350,000 people call the City of Greenacres home, but the new PayMore Store will also attract visitors and residents from West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. It is close to Palm Beach Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College as well, attracting students looking to trade-in and trade-up on their tech devices.

The store’s new owners are Floridians from Miami, although they spent some time away from their beloved home state while Johnny served in the U.S. Marine Corps. The duo have retail sales experience, as well as work experience with the federal and state government, including the Florida Department of Transportation. Michelle has worked in the medical field for more than 20 years. They live in Northern Palm Beach County and are looking at places to move in Central Palm Beach County. The family spends a lot of time discovering new areas while attending their daughter’s softball games all over the county.

Johnny and Michelle both say they can’t live without their iPhones. “We’ve had them since the 3rd generation and plan to continue using them because we’ve just become so dependent on them for everything. We just have to keep up with the updates from Apple.”

The duo is proud to be included in the area’s business community and recently joined the Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County. The chamber team is helping them plan a grand opening event to welcome neighbors to the new store. As youth sports fans, they’re hoping to sponsor local school teams this year. 

The Palm Beach PayMore Store will have six new employees when it opens. Its new owners are excited to learn more about the AI, digital twin technology and 3D printing, and green tech trends building this year. 

“PayMore’s CEO and entire corporate team have been a huge help every step of the way, from finding our store location and executing our lease to setting up all accounts to build and market our store,” says Castellon. “PayMore Greenacres would not be opening soon without them. When you no longer want your electronics, you can trust our PayMore Store team to provide the highest cash trade in prices, while wiping your data on the spot”