It’s fast, easy and safe to sell your old or broken Drone to a PayMore Store®

We buy new, used and even broken drones, drone accessories and kits. Visit a Certified PayMore Store® today with your old or even broken drone and walk out with top dollar in cash on the spot! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old drone or are looking for some extra cash, we can help you with your needs. Our trained technicians will quickly inspect and test your device, deliver a competitive cash or trade price, and guarantee data privacy by fully wiping your device.

Visit a PayMore Store®

Bring your used, or even damaged drone to your local PayMore Store®

Find A PayMore Store®

Sell Drone for Cash

We’ll inspect, grade, test and run multiple checks on your drone to quickly determine the highest trade-in price available. Make sure to bring all your drone accessories to boost the trade in price.

electronics store in cary, nc buys and sells devices with a handshake

Cash Paid on the Spot

If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you in cash today or you can opt for higher PayMore Store® Credit to shop our location.

All Drones are Data Wiped

When you sell a drone, used or damaged to a PayMore Store®, it is fully data wiped of your personal data including the memory card if one is present.


Recycle old Drones

If your drone is too old and damaged where we cannot use the parts, you can recycle the device free of charge at any PayMore Store®

We’ll buy your old drone! We have purchased many in the past, and continue to be the leader in used drone buying.

  • Top dollar is paid for top brand, and functional drones. Please charge your battery, you will need to demonstrate the drone is functional for us. One last flight!

Depending on the brand name and model of your broken drone, we most likely can offer you cash even if the drone has been damaged or is badly broken.

  • Top dollar is paid for top brand. If you are selling a broken drone for cash to us, please bring all the parts, controllers, batteries, accessories and more to increase your cash offer.
  • We pay top dollar for your tools, on the spot, in cash!
  • We pay cash on the spot, join the thousands of PayMore Store® customers that have sold their electronics to us!
  • We offer safe, convenient, and clean walk in locations to sell, trade, and purchase electronics.
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured through all county, state, and federal mandates.
  • We’re experienced, professional, and courteous; Our customers come first.

To receive cash from a PayMore Store®, your must:

  • Be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Present us a physical and valid state or government photo ID.

Want to get even more cash, or trade credit for your old drone?

  • Remove any personal stickers or markings from your items.
  • Bring all cables, accessories, paperwork, boxes or anything that originally came with your drone, and even anything additional that you’ve purchased.
  • If you are selling a functional drone, please charge your drone’s battery – you will be asked to demonstrate that the drone is fully functional to our staff.
selling drone for cash

We buy broken drones for cash

Do you have an old broken drone or other electronic lying around collecting dust? Maybe you’re looking for places that buy broken phones or or drones near me? We pay cash especially for broken Apple products, we always need the parts! We don’t just buy broken Apple products though, we buy a wide variety of broken electronics. Simply bring your devices down a PayMore Store© and see how much cash you can get today!