Sell Drone for Cash Near Me today!

We buy brand-new, pre-owned, and even broken drones, as well as drone accessories and kits. If you’re looking to sell my drone for cash, our Certified PayMore Store® is among the top places that buy drones.

sell drones for cash near me

Visit a PayMore Store®

Bring your used, or even broken drone to your local PayMore Store®

Sell Drone for Cash

We’ll inspect, grade, test and run multiple checks on your drone to quickly determine the highest trade-in price available. Make sure to bring all your drone accessories to boost the trade in price.

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Cash Paid on the Spot

If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you in cash today or you can opt for higher PayMore Store® Credit to shop our location.

All Drones are Data Wiped

When you sell a drone, used or damaged to a PayMore Store®, it is fully data wiped of your personal data including the memory card if one is present.


Recycle old Drones

If your drone is too old and damaged where we cannot use the parts, you can recycle the device free of charge at any PayMore Store®

We’ll buy your old drone! We have purchased many in the past, and continue to be the leader in used drone buying.

  • We offer premium prices for leading brand drones in working condition. Remember to charge your battery; you’ll need to show us the drone in action. One more flight to go!

Based on the brand and model of your damaged drone, there’s a good chance we can still provide cash, even if it’s severely broken or impaired.

  • Top dollar is paid for top brand. If you are looking to sell a broken drone for cash, please bring all the parts, controllers, batteries, accessories to increase your cash offer.
  • We offer immediate cash for your drones, right then and there!

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, complying with all local, state, and national requirements.

  • Our team is seasoned, professional, and respectful; always prioritizing our customers.

  • Our locations are safe, easy-to-access, and immaculate for buying, trading, or selling electronics.

  • Get instant cash in hand, just like the thousands of satisfied PayMore Store® customers who’ve sold their electronics to us.

To get cash from a PayMore Store®, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Provide a valid state or government-issued photo ID in its physical form.

Looking to maximize cash or trade-in value for your old drone?

  • Remove any personal decals or annotations from your items.
  • Include all original cables, accessories, manuals, boxes, and any other items that came with your drone, as well as any extra purchases.

If your drone is operational, ensure its battery is charged; our team will request a functionality demonstration.

Some of the brands and drones we buy:

  • DJI
  • 3D Robotics, PrecisionHawk, Hubsan, Skydio, Flirtey, AeroVironment

  • Parrot

  • Autel Robotics

  • Exo

  • Yuneec

  • Commercial Drones, Personal Drones, and more.

  • Mavic Air, Inspire, Mavic, Mavic Pro, Spark, Air 2S, Mini, Zoom and much more.

  • Disco, Anafi and more.

  • Evo Lite+, Evo Nano+ and more.

  • Blackhawk, Ranger, Mini and more.

  • Hexacopter, Commercial Drones.

  • We buy many makes, models and of course accessories and drone gear.

Sell Broken Drone for Cash

Got an old damaged drone or another electronic gathering dust at home? Searching for spots nearby that purchase broken phones or drones? We’re particularly interested in broken Apple products because we always need the parts! But our interest doesn’t stop there; we purchase a broad range of malfunctioning electronics. Just drop by a PayMore Store© with your devices and discover how much instant cash you could earn today!