Tech is our business, how can we help yours?

The PayMore Store in your area serves as the central destination for all your tech and electronics needs, offering assistance to your business in freeing up cash flow, saving on essential technology, and supporting responsible electronic recycling. Processing thousands of devices every month, our stores are equipped to assist you. Whether you’re launching a new business and want substantial savings on the necessary devices, or need to trade in a commercial collection of phones, we’re here for you. Our various locations are already aiding local businesses across diverse industries, just like yours.

All devices sold to a PayMore Store are professional data wiped.

When you trade in any electronic device at a PayMore Store, you can be certain that all your personal information will be securely erased on-site at no extra charge. Leave our premises with confidence, knowing that your device has been returned to its original factory settings. Enjoy worry-free selling, as our team of electronics specialists make sure all your private data is safely removed.

A relationship with a PayMore Store can be advantageous to any business. Connect with us through our online webform here, or visit your local PayMore Store to discover how we can assist you.

We collaborate with numerous local dining establishments, bars, and restaurants, providing them with discounted iPads and tablets for their delivery services and point-of-sale systems. We accept trade-ins of any damaged devices towards new ones and also customize programs to suit the unique needs and volume requirements of each business.

We supply discounted and dependable smartphones for delivery drivers, truck drivers, and other professionals. In the modern era, possessing a trustworthy smartphone for your business operations is of the highest priority. Looking to upgrade? We’ll pay top dollar for your old fleet’s devices — while keeping your company data safe.

We are the premier destination for trading in camera, video, and audio equipment, offering the highest value in trade-ins for local photography and videography businesses and creators. Additionally, we provide an extensive selection of gently pre-owned photography equipment to cater to the needs of our local businesses.

We collaborate with numerous local businesses, buying back a wide range of old tech equipment, including IP cameras, door sensors, routers, and more. If you’re upgrading to new devices, we would be thrilled to provide an offer for the items you’re replacing!

In today’s world, electronics have shifted from being a “want” to a fundamental necessity. For students to thrive in their studies, dependable devices are essential. We work in partnership with schools and universities, offering trade-in and trade-up programs that enable students to acquire the technology they need at significant savings.

How can we help your business grow, or fulfill its ESG responsibility?