Sell your old business tech for cash, save big on new tech for your business: Partner with a PayMore Store

Do you have a business with aging, excess, or overstock electronics? Or maybe your  business is relocating or closing? PayMore offers bulk buyback programs, liquidation programs, and ongoing technology services for business. We’ve helped many businesses through a number of programs that we offer. Our must popular service for small to midsize businesses is a tailor smartphone buy back program. Trade in your old devices when you upgrade, contact us for an easy and data safe way to upgrade.

We can supply your fleet, office or entire company with discounted  pre-owned unlocked iPhones. These phones are fully unlocked and certified with warranties.  Start saving on today’s top tech now!

We’ve worked with music studios, small offices, junk removal companies, estate companies, closing of businesses, large firms, warehouse liquidations, law enforcement liquidations, county recycling programs, electronic recycling companies, scrap companies, camera businesses, repair businesses, trucking and logistic companies and much more.

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Small to Mid Sized Business & Corporate Programs

Bulk Buy-Back Programs | Liquidations | On or Off-Site Electronic Repair Services & More!

In today’s age, technology is moving at the speed of light; faster smartphones, tablets, and laptops are being released to market several times per quarter. As a business owner, you know staying competitive involves utilizing today’s technology.  But, what happens to yesterday’s technology?

PayMore can offer custom tailored programs for your business to reduce the cost on new technology by bulk purchasing  your used and damaged devices; all with strict data privacy.

Many Long Island, New York City, and North Carolina companies have already partnered with PayMore Stores to organize and execute reverse logistic programs. We continue to help these companies realize ongoing cash back for their aging and depreciating electronic assets. 

We can develop a drop-off or pickup program with payment made in full to you or your company all with full data privacy and compliance.

Schools, Colleges & Institution Services

On Time, or Ongoing Bulk Buy-Back Programs, Student Education

liquidate computers and technology

Your districts and institutions are educating the future generations one class at a time. As your technology’s curriculum advances, so does the need for your computers, servers, classroom, office electronics and more. That leaves your institution with aging, depreciating electronics. We can help by purchasing these electronics from you.

PayMore can help put much needed cash back into your district or institution by custom tailoring bulk buy-back programs that fit your needs, when you need them. We’ve worked with school districts before and are able to meet all or any compliance measures needed.

Our purchase power is high, and our buy-back prices are too. We offer pickup/logistical services and offer prompt payment on the spot. 

We can also visit your local schools and talk to your students, parents and staff about the importance of data privacy, re-purposing electronics, and preventing toxic chemicals from entering our earth by recycling old tech.

Districts & Government Agencies

Bulk Buy-Back Programs,  Liquidations & Discount Programs for Businesses.

State, County and Local governments and their operations require the upgrading of electronic equipment, and the need to liquidate the damaged or outdated equipment. We can help by offering a fast, secure, and data private way to exchange your electronics for cash.

PayMore Stores can offer a custom tailored bulk purchase program for your used/damaged devices, all with strict data privacy.

Our team can custom tailor programs that suit your business or organization. We can offer ongoing monthly, quarterly, or just onetime purchasing.

Our buy-back programs range from just ten devices up to thousands of devices at a time. We work with small, medium and corporate sized accounts throughout the United States.

We make it fast, easy and safe to sell bulk equipment to us whether you are looking to bulk trade in iPhones, other smartphones, tablets, laptops or other office equipment.

We can offer competitive pricing on gently pre-owned certified unlocked iPhones for your company. We offer discounted devices ranging from 10 phones to 3,000+.

Our prices, service and guarantees cannot be beat.

Our stock includes today’s hottest iPhones (iPhone 11 Pro), or yesterday’s favorite iPhone (iPhone 6 and higher). We can accommodate all storage sizes and most colors on demand. All devices will be unlocked, and ready to activate without hassle.

Our phones are fully certified by our technicians and come with a 90 day warranty, with an option of extended warranties as well.

Contact a PayMore Store in your area to get started.

We also offer discounted computers, laptops, tablets and more. If you’re a small business looking for a deal, or an large enterprise trying to cut costs on upgrading to new tech, we can help.

All of our devices are fully tested, certified and guaranteed.

Contact a PayMore Store and see how our local stores can help your local business save money and stay up to date on today’s hottest tech.

We work with a wide range of businesses to address their electronic needs. We offer buy back programs for:

  • Insurance offices and companies
  • Technology companies
  • Financial service companies
  • Industrial
  • eCommerce and Design companies
  • Administrative offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Bars, Clubs, Livery, and Entertainment companies
  • Hotels, Motels and Service companies
  • and much much more!

Contact our sales office here, or stop by a PayMore Store in your area!

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    Do you have an old broken iPhone lying around collecting dust? Maybe you’re looking for places that buy broken macbooks near me? We pay cash for broken Apple products, we always need the parts!

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