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Get a top dollar instant cash payout today for your old or even broken Apple watch.

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It’s fast, easy, and safe to trade in your old Apple watch for cash!

We aim to make your selling experience enjoyable, straightforward, and secure. Our skilled technicians guide you through every step to ensure that your watch is fully unpaired from other devices, removed from your iCloud account, and wiped clean of all personal data. It will be reset to factory settings before the transaction is complete. This way, you walk out not only with the best cash offer but also with complete assurance that your data is safe.

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You get paid cash.

Our tech experts will quickly test and offer you top dollar for your devices!

Your device is wiped.

Our team securely wipes your device at the time of sale to ensure data privacy.

We’re buying:

  • Apple Watch Series 3

  • Apple Watch Series 4

  • Apple Watch Series 5

  • Apple Watch Series 6

  • Apple Watch Series 7

  • Apple Watch Series 8

  • Apple Watch Ultra

  • Apple Watch SE

Sizes & Editions

  • 38mm, 41mm, 42mm, 40mm, 44mm, 45mm, 49mm.

  • Ultra, SE

  • GPS, Cellular and WIFI

  • Nike+

  • Hermès

  • All special editions and variations

Finishes and Metals

  • Aluminum, Sport

  • Titanium

  • Stainless Steel

  • Rose Gold, Solid Gold

  • All other finishes!

All devices sold to a PayMore Store are professional data wiped.

When you sell your Apple Watch to a PayMore Store, you can be certain that our experts will professionally erase all your personal data right then and there, at no extra cost to you. Leave our store with the confidence that your Apple Watch has been completely cleared of all data and restored to its factory settings. Enjoy a worry-free selling experience, assured that our electronic specialists have securely eliminated all your personal information.

We pay cash for broken watches too! We’re constantly in search of components. The cash offer for your watch will vary based on its model, size, accompanying accessories, and the usability of its parts, or the possibility of repair.

  • We offer premium prices for your gadgets and will meet or exceed any legitimate offers—most of the time, we offer even more.
  • Get instant cash payments, and join the ranks of satisfied customers across the U.S. who’ve sold their devices to us.
  • Our locations are not only secure but also easily accessible and meticulously clean, making it simple to sell, trade, or buy electronics.
  • We adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations, being fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With our seasoned, polite, and professional staff, you can be sure that customer satisfaction is our top priority.

To receive cash from a PayMore store, your must:

  • Be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Present us a physical and valid state or government photo ID.

Looking to maximize the cash or trade credit for your Apple Watch?

  • Bring along any original cables and accessories that came with the device. If you still possess the original box, please bring that in as well.

Hoping for a speedy transaction?

  • Ensure your Apple Watch is fully charged before visiting a PayMore Store to avoid a 7-10-minute charging delay.
  • Clear any passwords or iCloud accounts from the watch in advance, as we’ll need to do this to securely wipe the device anyway. If your watch is broken, we can assist you in removing your iCloud account.