PayMore Stores Comes to Austin Delivering Quick Cash for Electronics Trade-in in Round Rock

If you’re looking for a safe and quick place to sell laptops, sell cell phones, and trade-in electronic devices – from video game consoles to desktop computers – there is a new local retailer in Austin, Texas. Round Rock’s new PayMore store is the 8th PayMore franchise location in the U.S., owned and operated by local entrepreneur Nizar Noorani. With friendly customer service, a commitment to protecting user data, and expertise in helping businesses upgrade their electronics – the Austin PayMore store is now open and ready to help turn your electronics into cash.

A clean and welcoming alternative to pawn shops, when looking where to sell electronics in Austin, Texas the new store is located at 399 W. Louis

Henna Blvd., Suite D, in Round Rock. The PayMore franchise store is already attracting college students trading in their cell phones and electronics to upgrade to newer models, and local families shopping for

the latest mobile devices. For local businesses looking to save money on updating mobile phones, laptops, and other IT stock, selling used electronics at PayMore’s new electronic store in Round Rock helps reduce the cost of ensuring your business runs as fast as possible.

The cash for electronics retailer is a brand-new member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the PayMore team are quickly becoming valuable new members of their local community. The electronics retailer is partnering with local high schools in the area and planning to take part in a host of community events next year. The store’s owner brings experience in software development and prior retail business ownership to the team, and has lived in Austin since 1998. He is a graduate of Texas State University, where he met his wife. The couple have 3 children.

The current five-member Round Rock PayMore team is just the start of Noorani’s plans to serve the greater Austin community. He is working to open two more PayMore Store locations in the area, serving a wide range of local residents, visitors, and businesses who want to sell electronics, sell cell phones, and receive instant cash for electronics in a safe location with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

“I have some experience leading success franchise stores, and it’s been great to work with the PayMore team to open their first Texas storefront in my hometown of Austin,” said Nizar Noorani. “The corporate PayMore Stores team have been collaborative partners, truly vested in my success and the success of the new franchise.”

What to expect when visiting a PayMore store

  • A clean and welcoming electronics retail store
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff who are committed to data privacy and security
  • Quick service and instant cash in hand for used cell phones and electronics
  • Great deals on gently used devices and industry-leading warranties
  • Touchless payment options, including Apple and Samsung pay

What to bring with you when selling electronics

A valid form of ID (state ID or driver’s license) and gently used electronics for sale or trade, including:

  • iPhones and Android mobile phones
  • iPads and Android tablets
  • MacBooks and iMacs
  • Windows computers and PC laptops
  • Apple watches, iPods and audio devices
  • Video game systems and retro systems (From the classics like Nintendo to the new PS5!)
  • Digital cameras and lenses
  • Graphing calculators
  • VR/AR equipment
  • Wireless home audio devices
  • Drones
  • Power tools
  • And much, much more.

PayMore Stores is the leading buy-sell-trade electronics retailer in the U.S. The company’s franchise opportunities have attracted a diverse group of entrepreneurs from around the country. Founded in 2011, PayMore is now the fastest-growing, local brick-and-mortar franchise company in the electronics sales and trade-in business with over 9 stores operating, and over 45 in development across the United States.