PayMore Store’s 2023 Fitness Tech Trends to Watch 

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The Health and Wellness Tech Trends We’re Watching this Year 

There are a few reasons why health and fitness tech gets a lot of traction in the new year. The first is a desire by many to work off the pounds we added over the festive season. Another reason is the many wearable devices, mobile tech, Airpods, and other fitness gadgets gifted over the holidays. If you received a FitTech gift and are interested in learning more, here’s what to know about the technology trends expected in health and wellness this year.

    1. Virtual reality (VR) technology is poised to make a much larger impact on fitness very soon. The technology is getting more mobile, less expensive, and easier to use for non-techies. From expanding the Metaverse to more fitness apps offering live training and simulated sports and activities like golf, boxing, and fencing using VR, this technology is going to explode very soon.
    2. Gamification goes hand-in-hand with VR and we can expect to see video game platforms, fitness apps, and health and wellness companies continue to expand how we use gaming to get people up and moving – whether at home, at the gym, at work, or outside. With 5G mobile technology getting faster and better, gamification using the mobile tools you already have will impact the FitTech industry this year. 
  • Wearables will continue to integrate more and more into our everyday lives. In addition to your Apple Watch and Airpods, smartwatches from Pixel and Samsung will add more fitness and health tracking options this year. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered fitness tracking apps are set to make wearables even more powerful and immersive this year as well. One in five people in the U.S. already use a wearable device like an Apple Watch, and that number is expected to continue to grow. Using wearable devices to improve our mental health, as well as fitness levels, is poised to expand too. 

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