PayMore Stores Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Go Pink!

This October, everything is coming up PINK at PayMore stores in New York and North Carolina. That’s because the nationwide PayMore team is working together to raise awareness about breast cancer and honor families who have been impacted by the disease. In the U.S., October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From NFL teams ‘going pink’ to virtual 5K races dedicated to raising money for a cure being staged across the country, the PayMore team is proud to join the annual campaign to help raise awareness and funds.

Here are a few ways you can help celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation:

  • Make a donation to help fund breast cancer screenings nationwide
  • Download and share the free educational ebook Breast Problems That Aren’t Breast Cancer
    breast cancer awareness

    PayMore of Cary, NC – Nicholas Facchiano and staff.

  • Share information via social media or host your own virtual fundraiser
  • Share your own story to help spread the word
  • Wear a pink ribbon throughout the month of October

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According to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is detected early, the survival rate is nearly 99%. That’s why raising awareness about the disease and the importance of early detection through monthly self-breast exams, regular clinical checkups, and mammograms is so important.

Throughout the month of October, PayMore team members are wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our social media teams are spreading the word and launching our own pink PayMore logo in support. “Each of our local PayMore franchise stores are valuable members of their local communities, from supporting events and local campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the year” says Erik Helgesen, President of PayMore Stores.

In North Carolina and New York, PayMore Stores provide customers a simple way to shop for new smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, and other high-tech devices. Shoppers can trade in or sell used electronics against the price of new items or walk out the door with cash in hand. Local PayMore Stores offer a professional and safe alternative to selling electronics online for cash. Our team members are industry experts, offering top dollar for used trade-ins and expert advice on shopping for new ones.

PayMore Commitment to Health and Safety

The entire PayMore team is dedicated to ensuring a safe and welcoming atmosphere. This includes training in health and safety and ways to reduce the spread of covid-19. Each used device is cleaned and disinfected to the highest industry standards before resale.

What to expect when visiting a PayMore store

  • A clean and welcoming storefront with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff
  • A commitment to data privacy and security
  • Quick service and instant cash in hand, with no shipping fees
  • Top dollar for used electronics trade-in and great deals on gently used devices
  • Industry-leading warranties for new and used electronics
  • Touchless payments, including Apple and Samsung pay

What to bring with you

  • Gently used electronics for sale or trade: iPhones and Android mobile phones, iPads and Android tablets, Macbooks and iMacs, Windows computers and PC laptops, Apple watches, iPods and Mp3s, video game systems and retro systems, digital cameras and lenses, graphic calculators, audio and DJ equipment, VR/AR equipment, wireless home audio devices, printer toners and ink cartridges, boat and marine electronics, power tools, gift cards, headphones, guitars and musical instruments, drones, smart tvs, and more.
  • A valid form of ID (state ID or driver’s license).
  • That’s it!