Data Privacy Tips for 2022 – Why to Wipe that Mobile Device

One thing we all have in common, whether we are Apple or Android mobile phone users, are concerns about data privacy. It’s hard to really wrap your head around how much personal data is really collected and stored on your phone. When you go to purchase a new phone, making sure that data is transferred quickly and safely to your new device is key. Also important is where that data ‘goes’ when you recycle, sell, or ‘gift’ your old phone to another user.

data safe

Think for a minute about all of the personal information saved on your phone right now. We document our lives in photos and video – and those personal photos are often saved on our phones for years, transferred to new models as we trade up. In addition, text messages and saved contacts include loads of personal information about our friends and family members. Finally, GPS-enabled apps, including Google and Apple maps, track our frequently traveled data, which can also be saved on our device. You would never give this type of information to a stranger – so why would you risk offering it up to someone you don’t know by throwing away or selling your old mobile phone to someone you don’t trust? “Our customer’s love that we data wipe their phones and devices right in front of them at the time of trade-in; they leave our locations with not only cash-in-hand, but that assurance that their personal data is expertly removed from their device” says President Erik Helgesen.

To help, PayMore Stores is your trusted partner in data privacy and protection. When you sell your old or broken electronics at a PayMore Stores location, you are not only helping protect the environment by keeping it out of a landfill, and potentially giving it a new life – you are also protecting your personal data. That’s because every device that is sold or traded-in to a PayMore Stores location is completely wiped by our expert privacy team.

Our number one focus as a member of the communities we serve is to help our customers learn about how they can protect themselves from data theft. One way to do this is by not selling your old devices to online retailers who you don’t know, can’t see, and don’t trust. Should you choose to mail in your device to a cash-for-electronics website, make sure you are properly wiping your device before sending it. However, when you bring your old mobile phone to a PayMore Stores retailer, you know that our team will destroy not only the data on the device, but also help ensure your data that is saved to the cloud is never re-downloaded to the device without your consent. That’s a major concern for privacy experts, and something individual consumers may get wrong when wiping their own phone or electronic device before selling it.

On the flip side, you know that when your purchase a pre-owned device from PayMore Stores (either in-store or online) that it has been fully tested by our team and is guaranteed to work, and that it is also guaranteed to be fully wiped of personal data from the previous owner. That helps protect you, the new user, from malicious programs designed to collect your personal data that may have been downloaded onto the device before you owned it.

As industry-leaders in data privacy protections, PayMore Stores is helping change how mobile phone users protect their personal data in the long run. When you leave data wiping to the experts at PayMore Stores, you know you are fully protected when you purchase a new mobile device and trade your old one in. To protect each customer we serve, we are committed to leading the industry in data protection on a localized community level.