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Community Outreach, Fundraisers, Charities, Donations & Volunteering

Our business is only as strong as our community. PayMore’s owners, management, and staff are part of your community and we would love to hear how we can assist in your special cause or fundraiser. As our company grows, we are able to increase our efforts to give back to our local communities.

We can offer strategic partnerships that can help with your cause or foundation, offer our staff as volunteers, donate electronics to your raffle and more.

Contact us below, and let us know how we can help.

We’d love to get involved in your community!

  • Submit the form to the left, and let us know about your cause or fundraiser.

  • Our outreach department will get back to you. Unfortunately we can’t assist in all events or causes, but we’ll try our best.

Veteran bar-b-que cookout on Long Island, NY: Donation and Massapequa staff volunteers.

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