We Pay Cash for for Gift Cards! Get up to 75% of your Gift Card’s balance in Cash!

PayMore is your local gift card exchange store to sell gift cards for cash! Simply bring in your unwanted gift cards to a PayMore Store, our trained experts will quickly check the balance of the gift cards and offer you up to 75% of the card’s balance in cash based off the store brand and card value.


  • For Gift Cards with a balance of



50%Of the card's balance in Cash!*
  • For Gift Cards with a balance of



60%Of the card's balance in Cash!*
  • For Gift Cards with a balance of



75%Of the card's balance in Cash!*
  • For Gift Cards with a balance of


We pay you more cash for gift cards with higher balances!

Example pricing only! Actual cash payouts will change based on: card brand, card type, card balance, and seasonality/promotions.

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Top 7: Highest percentages paid on these brands:

Home Depot  |  Best Buy  |  Walmart  |  Target  |  Walmart  | Amazon  | Vanilla Visa Pre-Paid  

Top 7:  Most popular gift cards sold to our stores:

Macy’s  |  Walmart  |  Best Buy  |  AMC Theaters |  CVS  |  Kohl’s  | Amazon  

We buy hundreds of different brands, here are a few examples:

  • American Express Gift Cards

  • AMC Theater’s – We do not buy Cards starting in 6006

  • Amazon Gift Cards (must not be redeemed)

  • Apple Retail Store Gift Cards

  • Applebee’s Gift cards – We do not buy cards over $50.00, or cards starting with “3” and no pin#s

  • Barnes’ & Noble’s Gift Cards – Cards over $200 we do not purchase.

  • Banana Republic – Merchandise credit not accepted

  • Bass Pro Shops

  • Baskin Robbins – Cards over $50 are not accepted

  • Big Lots – Cards starting with 6006 are not accepted

  • Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards & Store Credit

  • Best Buy Gift Cards

  • Bed Bath & Beyond – Merchandise Credit Not Accepted

  • BP Gas Station Gift Cards

  • Burger King Gift Cards

  • Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Cards – Cards of over $50 are not accepted

  • Costco Gift Cards

  • Cabela’s – Cards over $500 are not accepted

  • Charlotte Russe Gift Cards – Merchandise cards not accepted

  • CVS Gift Cards

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards – Cards over $100 are not accepted

  • Darden Restaurant’s Gift Cards – Cards over $100 are not accepted

  • Dick’s Gift Cards

  • GULF Gas Station Gift Cards

  • EXPRESS Gift Cards

  • eBay Gift Cards – Cards over $500 are not accepted

  • Hess Gas Station Gift Cards

  • Home Goods Gift Cards (Return Cards NOT accepted)

  • Home Depot Gift Cards – Merchandise Credit not accepted.

  • Hollister Gift Cards

  • iHop Gift Cards

  • JCPenny Gift Cards

  • Kohl’s Gift Cards

  • Lowes Gift Cards

  • Macy’s Gift Cards & Merchandise Credit – Merchandise Cards starting with 83 are not accepted

  • MasterCard Gift Cards

  • McDonald’s Gift Cards

  • Moe’s Gift Cards

  • Modell’s Gift Cards

  • Nike Gift Cards

  • Netflix Gift Cards – Cards over $100 are not accepted.

  • Nordstrom Gift Cards – No Longer Accepted.

  • Olive Garden Gift Cards – Cards over $100 are not accepted

  • Omaha Steaks Gift Cards

  • Office Max Gift Cards

  • Outback Steak House Gift Cards

  • PacSun

  • Pottery Barn

  • PF Chang’s Gift Cards

  • Red Lobster Gift Cards

  • Staples Gift Cards

  • Starbucks Gift Cards – Gift Cards over $100 are not accepted

  • StubHub Gift Cards

  • Sephora Gift Cards – Cards over $500 not accepted

  • Steve Madden Gift Cards

  • Stop N’ Shop Gift Cards

  • Sears Gift Cards

  • Subway Gift Cards – Cards over $100 not accepted.

  • Shell Gas Station Gift Cards

  • Sports Authority Gift Cards

  • Target Gift Cards

  • TGI Friday’s Gift Cards – Vouchers not accepted.

  • Tiffany & Co Gift Cards

  • Visa Debit Gift Cards

  • Visa Vanilla Gift Cards

  • Victoria’s Sercret Gift Cards

  • Walgreens Gift Cards

  • Walmart Gift Cards & Store Credit

  • Wendy’s Gift Cards

Didn’t see your gift card on the list? We may still buy it! Give us a call, or stop by.

  • We have a walk-in locations where you can quickly and safely sell your gift cards for cash avoiding online and in-person scams.
  • We are professional, fair, and courteous – and experienced.
  • We’re fast and the process only takes a few minutes.
  • We pay top dollar, right on the spot.
  • We do not purchase merchandise credit cards from certain retailers. Other major brand company’s credit we may consider.
  • We may or may not purchase a gift card if the gift card’s pin number has been scratched and revealed. This is decided on a case by case basis.
  • You must sign a contract along with a valid photo ID guaranteeing the gift card is your property, and will remain valid.

We reserve the right to refuse any gift card at any time. Promotional coupons not valid on gift card purchases.

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