We’ll Pay Cash for your Old TV! We Sell Used TVs with Warranties!

We buy sell and trade LED Tvs, Smart TVs, OLED TVS and more. Did you just get the newest Smart TV on the market and are looking to sell your old TV for cash? We’ll buy it! Maybe you’re getting a new place and you’re looking for great deals on used TVs, or places that sell used tvs near me.

Selling Requirements:

We’d love to buy your old TV, it just has to meet a few requirements, we’ve listed them below:

  • Your TV Must be in 100% working order

  • Your TV must be an LED, OLED, or 4K TV.

  • Your TV Must be a Smart TV (connects to WiFi)

  • Your TV Must be in Good cosmetic condition

  • Remote & TV Stand – Please bring them!

TV Brands We Buy:

Here are some brands we purchase, if you don’t see your brand please call first before coming!

  • Samsung

  • Sony

  • LG

  • Google

  • Vizio – Only 4K or newer Vizio TVs. These TVs are bought on a case by case basis.

TVs that we don’t buy:

Unfortunately we can’t buy every TV,  so we’ve set up a few basic restrictions below:

  • Cracked, Broken, or Damaged TVs

  • Old CRT or Rear Projection TVs (large backs)

  • Plasma TVs

  • Poor Condition – Heavy or Deep Scratches on the Screen

  • Obscure or off market Brand/Manufacturer

data wiping protection

All devices sold to PayMore are professionally data wiped

Every device that is sold to PayMore is professionally wiped of all your personal data, free of charge. Before you leave our location, your device will be fully wiped of all data and reset to factory defaults.

Sell your gadgets with confidence knowing that our electronic experts have fully wiped your device, and your personal data securely removed.

  • Bring your original remote and stand. Please no cable provider remotes.
  • Bring the power cable, and any additional items that originally came with the TV (3d glasses, keyboards etc)
  • Bring any warranty cards or paperwork.

Let’s make it a quick, fast, and easy visit!

  • Reset your TV and Remove any passwords, or and cloud accounts from your devices.
  • Please read the above requirements before bringing your TV to a PayMore Store. Not sure? Call us!
  • We pay top dollar for your devices. We’ll beat or match any reputable offer, usually we’re much higher anyway.
  • We pay cash on the spot, join the thousands of Long Island customers that sell to us.
  • We offer safe, convenient, and clean walk in locations to sell, trade, and purchase electronics.
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured through all county, state, and federal mandates.
  • We’re experienced, professional, and courteous; Our customers come first.

To receive cash from a PayMore store, your must:

  • Be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Present us a physical and valid state or government photo ID.

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Do you have an old broken iPhone lying around collecting dust? Maybe you’re looking for places that buy broken macbooks near me? We pay cash for broken Apple products, we always need the parts!

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