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  • Join the fast-growing, recession proof or better yet, recession ignited! Second-hand consumer electronics and resale industry as a PayMore Store franchisee.
  • Become one of PayMore Stores 50+ new store owners as we expand nationwide!
  • Existing electronics business? Convert your wireless carrier or electronics repair business to a PayMore Store location to instantly explode your customer base and scale your small business this year.
  • Join a dynamic community of successful entrepreneurs and collaborative small business owners!
  • Provide a trusted community resource for buying, selling and trading electronics, while reducing electronic environmental waste, and protecting data privacy!

Cary, NC – NOW OPEN!
Gastonia, NC – NOW OPEN!

Lisa Conger, Owner, and her staff in Gastonia, NC – Opened 5/2020


PayMore is an industry-leader in the “Cash for Electronics” local pawn shop electronics business. Our custom franchise business model combines emerging industries with personalized support and digital software tools to ensure your small business success.

We provide the personalized tools and support you need to thrive in your local market, based on years of hands-on experience in the electronics industry and working with entrepreneurs like you.

Local PayMore stores offer customers a fast, safe, and easy way to sell new, used, and broken smartphones and electronics for cash. With mobile phone prices on the rise, our industry is experiencing incredible growth. You can be a part of this booming industry as a franchise store owner today!

PayMore Stores is dedicated to customer service, repurposing electronics to reduce our environmental impact, and ensuring the safety and security of consumer digital privacy. The company started in 2011 and has grown to four locations. Between now and 2022 the PayMore Store franchise will grow to more than 150+ locations nationwide.

Choose the PayMore franchise model that combines multiple high growth industries, including: Consumer Electronics, Mobile Technology, eCommerce, Secondhand Merchandise Sales and Trade, eWaste Recycling, and the recession proof Pawn Shop.

Launch a PayMore store in your community and become the gold standard in electronics buying, selling, and trading. Our clean and welcoming store design provides a high-quality addition to any downtown or strip mall business district. Become the trusted place for consumers to cash in their old devices, shop for secondhand devices, and find expert electronics assistance.

Dive in with a full PayMore Store, or convert with us and make your current business more efficient with PayMore’s custom-designed multi-store, web-based POS system. Reduce the hassles of purchasing, inventory, compliance, customer management, eCommerce, reporting and more for your new franchise store with our innovative software sales and marketing tools.

With PayMore’s continuous corporate support, you will grow and scale your business. Partner with businesses, schools, community organizations and more to increase your client base. Learn, grow, and collaborate with our innovative franchise community, tapping into established networks for buying and selling electronics.

Convert your current electronics repair or wireless carrier business to a PayMore store today! Join our strong and growing national brand and connect with new customers who are looking to buy, sell and trade electronics – all while keeping your current customers and scaling your business!

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Becoming a PayMore Stores franchise owner puts you in the driver’s seat. As a small business owner in the expanding electronics industry, you will take the lead on hiring and training a successful team, setting up your store’s operations, planning and implementing engaging advertising and marketing plans, and much more.

PayMore Stores offers the flexibility to own your own business with a small investment and provides extensive training and support to each franchise owner, including a 2-week in-person training program, ongoing learning modules for owners and staff, store launch and ongoing development support, and assistance with lease negotiations, store design, construction planning, and more.

We are looking for dynamic, driven and tech savvy entrepreneurs to join our team as PayMore Stores franchise store owners as the PayMore Stores brand continues to expand across the country. As our store numbers grow so do our franchisee’s collective buying and selling opportunities.

As a PayMore Stores store owner, you will deliver an important service to your community and a superior product to your customers and receive ongoing corporate support from the PayMore Stores team and our custom engineered sales and automation tools. Whether you are launching a new PayMore Store, converting your multi-carrier or electronic repair business, or re-branding a local electronics store, the PayMore Stores franchise opportunity is a win-win for hard-working entrepreneurs.

The PayMore franchise fee is $30,000. In addition, a low monthly royalty fee based of gross sales.

For new store owners, store build-out and construction fees can vary between $105,000-$158,000; depending on store location and franchise model.

Conversions of preexisting cell phone stores, mobile shops, electronic repair businesses, and wireless stores range from $35,000 to $65,000.

As industry leaders in the electronics and local resale business, we understand the need to protect our franchisee’s territory. To ensure each store’s success, we offer franchise owners a 10-25 mile radius (depending on local demographics). In addition, first-mover franchisees receive a competitive “right of refusal” option, ensuring them the opportunity to open new units in their surrounding areas before new franchise owners are approved in their region.

PayMore provides extensive training and support to each franchise owner. First, new franchise owners attend an in-depth two-week training program held at our Long Island, NY PayMore location. The training provides detailed, hands-on education opportunities on franchise business operations, policies and procedures, staffing support, and more; designed to prepare store owners to fully operate successful PayMore store locations or multiple stores.

Additional education modules and corporate support is provided on an ongoing basis. In addition, PayMore offers franchisees hourly in-house management and employee training support at our Long Island location, where staff receive hands-on experience in managing and working in a successful PayMore store.

When you join the PayMore family, you are instantly connected to a wealth of services and support designed to help you succeed as a new or continuing small business owner and entrepreneur. Each store owner receives individualized and ongoing corporate franchisee support for each PayMore location, including access to the PayMore franchise portal. Online franchise portal tools include training documents, workflow charts, and more. In addition, each store owner is in direct contact with PayMore’s experienced operations and technical teams, who provide ongoing support.

Franchise owners are also connected to PayMore’s dynamic knowledge base of store owners across the country to share information, ideas, product details, and more through our collaborative online platform. In the dynamic and ever-changing electronics industry, ongoing knowledge management – including sharing information across store locations – is important to our growing network’s success. PayMore store owners have extensive hands-on experience and are ready to share their success stories, industry trends, and franchise news with you.

Over the past 7 years, the PayMore team has developed our own, custom point-of-sale software system, designed to provide process automation tools that enhance franchise owners’ competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our software tools are state-of-the art and provide quick item processing, hard copy second hand dealer records, digital records, multiple API connections (gateways), customer management, customer communications (sms/email), inventory management, simple work flows, reporting, automated marketing, certified/vetted global buy details, and much more.

As a franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to recommend updates and changes to future software upgrades, as we build a strong and successful franchise model.

Yes, we will be there to help you every step along the way. PayMore’s corporate team provides a streamlined approach to getting your location(s) up and running quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained and professional PayMore team members will provide tips and guidelines to help you select a successful store location. In addition, we offer each PayMore franchise store in-person assistance with layout planning, build-out, licensing/permits and contractor selection.

Did You Know?

In 2019, there are 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world

(Source: Pew Research Center.)

77% of American adults own a smartphone

(Source: Statistica).

There will be close to 1.5 billion 5G enabled smartphones in 2025

(Source: Strategy Analytics).

The mobile industry will contribute around 4.8 trillion to the world GDP in 2023

(Source: GSMA).

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Brooklyn, NY – PayMore Express Location

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