Get up to $500 CASH within minutes today without pawning your valuables, taking a payday loan, or filling out long messy paper work.

Need cash quick, and don’t want to pawn your precious jewelry or and valuables or fill out long loan documents? Looking for places that give cash loans near me?

Don’t pay high percentages on pawn/loans and also run the risk of losing your precious valuables. There is a better way to get cash now.

PayMore’s FastCash program allows you to utilize unused credit quickly for cash. Our program is fast, easy and flexible.

It’s fast and easy to get FastCash!

How it Works:

Buy a Prepaid Gift Card

  • Visit a big box store such as CVS, Walmart or Walgreens and purchase a pre-paid Visa card with your credit card in the amount of $650

Bring us the card, unopened.

  • Visit a PayMore store and allow our staff to validate the card. Please bring your receipt from big box store. Do not open the prepaid gift card’s package

Cash is Paid on the spot!

  • $500 CASH will be given instantly on the spot for your prepaid gift card. It’s that easy and fast!

Why it makes sense to go with PayMore’s FastCash:

  • Utilize your unused credit on your credit cards to instantly get needed cash without taking a dreaded cash advance!

  • Confidentiality: By purchasing the prepaid card at a big box store of your choice, the charge on your credit card will never reflect PayMore Stores.

  • The process only takes 5 minutes until you have your cash in hand! You’ll sign a document saying you’re selling us the $650 card, and provide us valid photo ID. No credit checks or long waiting times.

  • Stop looking for payday loans near me, or places that offer loans for jewelry. You don’t have to risk losing your jewelry or other valuables anymore. We can help. 

  • Unlike a loan you have options. Pay off your credit card on your speed and time.

  • It just makes sense! The rate at which you sell the card to us, is often much lower than a payday loan, cash advance, or regular loan.


PayMore’s FastCash program is not a financial service. This is not a loan offer or in any way deemed as financial advice. PayMore is not a financial company, we are a second hand dealer in NYC and Long Island New York. The offer above is solely to purchase a pre-paid Visa gift card for a certain price, should it be validated by our staff. We have no affiliation with the above brands “Visa”, “Walgreen’s”, and “Walmart”. We reserve the right to end this program at anytime. We reserve the right to turn down any person(s) for the FastCash program without cause.

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