Doubling Up on Electronics Buyback Retail Stores in North Carolina 

Nicholas Facchiano knows what it’s like to open a brand new PayMore Stores retail location. His electronics retail and trade-in store in Cary, North Carolina has been welcoming community members since 2020. The successful small business owner also helped launch the new storefront in Gastonia, North Carolina last year. Now there’s another PayMore Stores location for North Carolina shoppers to visit to sell electronics, sell iPhones, sell used laptops, and more.

The newest North Carolina PayMore Stores retail location can be found at 1629 N. Market Drive in Raleigh. The capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is well known for its welcoming residents, innovative Research Triangle made up of education and business partners, and unforgettable music and food scenes. Visitors, students, and new residents flock to the area to enjoy this jewel of the southeast. As PayMore Stores franchise owner Nicholas Facchiano scouted for new locations to expand his retail electronics and buy-back business, he was looking for well-visited areas known for diverse shopping options.

The new Raleigh PayMore Stores location can be found conveniently near to North Carolina State, Wake Tech Community College, Duke University, and Meredith College. As students returned to campus after the holiday break, Facchiano’s team was ready to help new customers trade-in old laptops and sell mobile phones, while trading-up for new laptops, iPads, and other electronics. Trade-ins of used video gaming systems is also on the rise this year across PayMore Stores locations, with the latest Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles hot new items this year. In fact, the Raleigh PayMore Stores team is preparing to join the city’s retro video game event coming up this summer to meet new gamers in the area. This holiday season, the Cary, North Carolina PayMore Stores location saw an increase in video gaming trade-ins, as well as sales of iPhones and tablets.

A member of multiple local Chambers of Commerce, Facchiano enjoys meeting local business leaders and finding new ways to work together. He worked as an employee at the first PayMore Stores location in New York, before joining the growing electronics retail chain’s franchise owner community. With more than 15 years of experience in retail, sales, and tech – his family’s move to North Carolina offered a great chance to expand the brand into new markets and put his entrepreneurial skills to work. Today, he relies on the company’s growing franchise community, who are in constant contact, leaning on one another, collaborating, and supporting each store’s growth plan.

For new franchise and small business owners, he recommends spending time and money on marketing right away. Focusing on marketing and promoting the opening of the new Raleigh PayMore Stores location has helped his team get off to a faster start than they did when the Cary store opened in 2020 with a smaller budget for outreach and marketing. 

When asked for his tech recommendation for PayMore Stores shoppers this year, Facchiano shares the importance of securing personal data on mobile devices: “Personally, I am a fan of 2-factor verification. I suggest that people ensure they backup their sensitive content and have a safe way to store their passwords. I have had people cry in front of me because they broke their phone, and no longer had a way to get their content back.”

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1629 N Market Dr
Raleigh, NC 27609