We’ve all seen the advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and even on television. “Mail us your old iPhone and get paid top dollar in cash instantly!”

If you’re hesitant to send your old iPhone off into the oblivion, hoping to receive a check in the mail at some point, you’re not alone.

As our cash for iPhones business on Long Island and New York City has grown from our walk-in customers, they’ve shared their past experiences: horror stories, broken promises, and bait and switch scams from a wide variety of “mail in websites”.

The Top Dollar Promise, Shattered – The Classic Bait and Switch Explained:

When you visit one of these mail-in websites that purchase devices, they boast high prices for used iPhones. However, this becomes an illusion once you read the fine print. Only a very small fraction of people that send in devices actually receive this pricing. According to the leading mail in sell your iPhone for cash website, “Only 10% of their devices received fit the bill for “Flawless” condition, of which is their top paying price.”

Here is where the real problem lies though. You’ve decided to take a chance, and sell your old iPhone for cash to this new mail in website:

  • After navigating a mail in website, you find out your iPhone is worth $250 (according to them). Wow! You’re happy and excited, let’s do this!
  • You’ve been instructed to mail in your device to this business, or they send you a package to mail in your device. You carefully package it up and send it off.
  • A few weeks go by, no word from the company, no biggie right? Anytime I’ve ever mailed anything it’s taken forever.
  • You decide to contact the company, “What’s the deal? I mailed in my iPhone a month ago, I haven’t heard anything”

Well this is where it starts to get interesting. Realizing that they have your property, there’s a little bit of fear setting in. What if they just don’t answer? Was this a bad idea?

They quickly respond “We’re terribly sorry, due to the volume of iPhones being mailed into our facilities; we’re very much backed up and will surely get to your device shortly”

Well, that’s a relief. So many people just like me are cashing in their iPhones for top dollar; I’ll wait my turn and be raining in the cash sooner than later at this point.

After a few more days, you receive a response! They’ve evaluated your device! But, it goes something like this:

“Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a few problems with your device:

  • You selected “Flawless” condition, and your iPhone is “Good” at best. (Subjectivity at its finest! – deduction!)
  • Your iPhone shows small signs of water damage. Don’t worry this is common, it could be from listening to music while showering etc. (But, hey it’s still a deduction!)
  • Your device’s battery has to be replaced, it’s not holding a great charge (Well, what older phone does?, that’s why I’m trading it in! – you guessed it.. deduction number 3!)

Here comes the finish line for the scam:

“We unfortunately cannot offer the $250 we had originally offered because your iPhone does not fit our extensive criteria; we can however offer you $150 because of the condition, water damage, and battery issues.

If this is not acceptable, we can mail your device back to you for a $25 service charge plus shipping, and this can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Now it sets in. You’re a victim of a bait and switch, and you’re realizing it. You are forced to make a financial decision, just take the $150 for your iPhone and be done? Or take a penalty and have it mailed back, if it ever comes back. Either way, the negotiations at this point are slated. You have no leverage, they have your device, wait, did I wipe all of my data off this device before I sent it? Now these people have that too!

At this point, it will be over a month before you receive payment for your device, should the check ever arrive. Our walk-in customers have been through even worse horrors: checks never being received, checks that bounce, and over a year long run-around from this mail in companies, still with no payment.

As a disclaimer, we’re sure there are legitimate mail in websites that exist where you can sell your iPhone for cash, this article explains just a few problems our new customers have experienced in the past, who now would rather receive cash on the spot through a PayMore store.

How to Easily Sell Your iPhone for Cash – Without the hassles.

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