Visiting us at a local PayMore store? Here’s a guide to help you understand what to expect.


Are you looking to purchase new or gently used electronics, or sell your old device for cash or trade-in value to help upgrade to a newer model? At PayMore, we buy, sell, and trade top-of-the line electronics, from Macbooks to iPhones and iPads to gaming systems in our clean, safe, and welcoming locations and we are expanding outside of New York to new locations across the east coast.

Let us reduce the hassle and minimize fraud concerns linked to selling pricey electronic devices online to someone you don’t know. Let our trained associates help you upgrade to a new phone or tablet model. PayMore customers know that they receive top dollar for their used electronics, including iPhones,

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smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming systems.

Learn more about what to expect from a visit to a PayMore location near you!

What can I expect when visiting a PayMore Store?

  • We provide safe, clean, welcoming storefront locations and well-trained staff focused on customer service. You know each time you visit a PayMore store, regardless of location, that you will receive the same level of quality service and expertise.
  • We buy used electronic devices and sell new and gently used electronics. Our team is professional, fair, experienced, and courteous. We are committed to your privacy, data security, and to ensuring quality customer service during each visit.
  • You’ll leave with cash in hand. We offer top dollar in cash paid on the spot. No need to wait for payment via check.
  • We provide industry leading warranties for all new and gently used electronics to give you the piece of mind you need to invest in new hardware and mobile solutions.
  • We offer varied payment options, including Apple and Samsung pay.

What items should I bring with me?

  • We purchase gently used: iPhones and Android mobile phones, iPads and Android tablets, Macbooks and iMacs, Windows computers and PC laptops, Apple watches, iPods and Mp3s, video game systems and retro systems, digital cameras and lenses, graphic calculators, audio and DJ equipment, VR/AR equipment, wireless home audio devices, printer toners and ink cartridges, boat and marine electronics, power tools, gift cards, headphones, guitars and musical instruments, drones, smart tvs, and more.
  • Bring a valid form of ID, such as a state ID or a driver’s license. You must be over 18 or bring a parent or guardian with you.
  • You don’t need the item’s original packaging, instructions, or other information to trade it in for cash, but that’s always a plus and can fetch you more cash!

What’s the PayMore sales process?

  • Bring your devices in to one of our locations. Our expert tech team will inspect the item, discuss its value with you, and provide a free appraisal and price quote, with no commitment.
  • Our proprietary systems calculates the device’s demand and top selling price, to set a fair trade-in value for each item.
  • We pay cash on the spot for each item you trade in and wipe all data while you wait.
  • Or, you can receive even more store credit towards new and gently owned electronics with warranties.
  • Receiving cash for your devices only takes minutes.


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How will PayMore ensure my private data is protected?

We understand that protecting each one of our customer’s personal data is more important than ever. Every device that is sold to PayMore is professionally

wiped of all personal data, free of charge and before you leave the store.

We reset each device to its factory default setting, giving you the confidence that your personal data has been protected. Each of our staff is professionally trained in data security and takes your privacy seriously, something you just can’t confirm with online trade-ins or pawn shops that don’t focus on electronics.

How is visiting a PayMore store different than selling items online?

  • We provide personal, one-on-one interaction with a well-trained trained and professional staff.
  • Your business helps support a local small business owner and member of your community, not a national chain or unnamed out-of-state online retailer.
  • We guaranty no scams and provide a safe alternative to meeting up with strangers to sell your devices.
  • We take your privacy and data security seriously each and every time.
  • We offer competitive cash offers on the spot, no waiting.
  • Current locations in Massapequa, NY, servicing Nassau County Long Island – Bensonhurst, NY servicing South Brooklyn and Cary, NC and Gastonia, NC which is also services the Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte & Gaston County Areas.

Don’t pick the risky option – selling used electronics online or by meeting someone you don’t know. Visit PayMore location to ensure your data is secure, you receive the best price for your used electronics, and you support a local business owner in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to see you soon!