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Quickly and easily earn extra money by referring your friends and family to your local PayMore Store. Influencer? Share your code across multiple PayMore Stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to create an account, if you have already sold devices to a PayMore Store in the past, you may receive “Account Already Exists”, in that case just simply click Forgot Password and enter your mobile phone number to have a temporary password sent to you.

Click here to login to your account. Your account ID is your mobile phone number.

Once you have signed up or activated your account, your referal code will be displayed in your admin panel. You referal code is your mobile phone number by default, but you can also change to your liking by clicking on it.

By default, your referral ID is your mobile phone number, but once you log into your referral account you can change your referal code to your liking.

5 Point = $5

When you refer a new customer to us that sells a device you’ll receive +5 points.

Once you have 25 points from a single store, you can cash it in.

When a customer comes in with your referal code and sells a device to your local PayMore Store, you’ll instantly get a text message from the store letting you know you’ve earned points. You will not see who you referred, but you’ll know someone came in!

Log into your account and you’ll see you point ledger that you’ve earned points, and from what location!

Once you have 25 points from one PayMore Store location, you’ll be able to redeem those points for a PayMore Store gift card. You can use this gift card to shop at your local PayMore Store, or sell the gift card back to us for 70% of the face value in cash.

Once you build up over 25 points for a PayMore Store location, you’ll be able to redeem them. Click the redeem buttom and follow the checkout instructions.

Your local PayMore Store will receive the notification and text you a digital gift card.

Please allow one business day to receive your gift card.

Your can use your gift card in-store or online to the location that you redemeed from.