In this exclusive Q&A, we get to learn more about PayMore Stores from its CEO, Stephen Preuss, and its president, Erik Helgesen.

Franchise Chatter (FC): Welcome, Erik and Stephen. Thank you for your time today. Can you explain for those who may not know what the concept of PayMore is?

Stephen Preuss (SP): Absolutely – PayMore is an electronics retailer that provides customers a fast, safe and easy way to buy, sell and trade. We accept both used and broken electronic devices in exchange for cash or for discounted, refurbished electronics.

We were aware of the issue of electronics piling up in local landfills in our community because no one knew what to do with their outdated and old devices. Once we realized we could do something about this problem by not only helping our community and the environment but also running a great business, the concept of PayMore was born. Our goal really was to solve the problem of old and broken electronics piling up in our landfills and reduce the eWaste footprint by repurposing the electronics that are brought to us.

The idea really resonated with us because we wanted to do something good for the environment that was equally as helpful for the people of our community. Not only does PayMore give people somewhere to sell broken or old electronics they don’t use anymore, but they can also feel safe about being in our stores rather than getting scammed online or meeting a stranger in a parking lot. In addition to that, we even offer local electronic recycling to our communities to prevent chemical ridden electronics entering our local waste facilities.

FC: What makes PayMore different from other buy, sell and trade electronics retailers?

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