PayMore Stores Helps Businesses of All Sizes Grow

Technology is a growing expense for small business owners. If you’re not thinking about the technology your team depends on as an investment as well as an ongoing expense, you may be missing out on ways to recoup your company’s technology costs as you grow. That’s where your local PayMore Store can help. With more than 12 stores in communities across the country, and 100+ in development, the growing technology provider is helping businesses save money, grow and re-invest in their technology.

Each PayMore Store location is a secure place to buy, sell, and trade electronics – from today’s hottest devices to our well-used favorites. For businesses and individuals, our commitment to data security ensures your business partners, customers, and contacts are protected when you sell your used IT devices at a PayMore Store location. We offer device recycling, to help reduce your impact on the planet, as well. 

Before you shop for new electronics for your business team this year – laptops, mobile phones, and more – check out a PayMore Store location to see how much your old devices are worth, and trade them in for cash or for money towards a new investment in electronics for your expanding team. Our PayMore Store managers and staff are more than happy to develop a buying and selling plan to save your business time and money, just come in and meet them! Here are some of the business electronics and tech items you can trade-in and purchase at a PayMore Store:

paymore business services

  •   iPhones and Android Devices
  •    iPads and Android Tablets
  •   Macbooks and Laptop Computers
  •   Apple Watches and Wearable Devices
  •   Headphones  
  •   Digital Camera / Professional Video
  •   GoPro and Action Cameras
  •   Graphing Calculators
  •   VR/AR Equipment
  •   New Printer Toners, Ink, and Cartridges
  •   Boat and Marine Electronics
  •   Drones
  •   And much, much more.. if your business runs on tech, we’re here to help.

PayMore Store is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded, nationwide technology company. We’ve been helping small businesses grow since 2012. That includes supporting businesses in our communities as they ‘Go Green,’ by repurposing electronic devices and keeping them out of our landfills. Our team members are tech savvy, ready to help you choose the right devices for your growing business, and dedicated to protecting your data security. We offer top dollar in cash for electronics trade-in, or credit towards new devices for your team. 

The data on each used business device you trade-in at a PayMore Store is secure. It will never be viewed by store associates, and it will be wiped of private data before being re-sold, protecting the privacy of your staff, customers and partners. In addition, we offer thousands of options of new and pre-owned electronics devices for sale, complete with industry-leading warranties, to support you as your business grows. 

To see learn more about how your local PayMore Store can help your business grow, click here and reach out to us.