PayMore’s Brooklyn Store Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary and Successful Conversion from a Struggling Multicarrier Cell Phone Store to a Successful Electronics Pawn Shop

If you are looking to sell electronics for cash in Brooklyn, New York these days, anything from a Macbook to an iPhone, or an iPad to an old gaming system; you are bound to meet PayMore franchise owner and manager Simon Kaminsky, a US Army veteran turned successful local entrepreneur from Oceanside, New York.

love holds life charity donation

Simon Kaminsky, left, donates to Love Holds Life Foundation Children Cancer Foundation.

Just over one year ago, PayMore and Simon Kaminsky began a new partnership, working together to turn his struggling multi-carrier cell phone sales and repair small business, which serves the primarily Russian-speaking community of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, NY; into a modern electronics exchange and PayMore franchise store.

Together, this innovative new version of small business that was struggling within an industry that has served the local community for years, has been showing immediate success, now adding new job opportunities and continuing to serve the community. Since turning his store into a PayMore franchise, Simon has added five new full-time positions, due in part to the 80% revenue increase the change has brought in the first year.

Before becoming a small business owner in Brooklyn, Simon Kaminsky served in the US Army. His PayMore store serves a Russian-speaking community in New York which Simon’s family has been a part of since they immigrated to America in the early 80’s from Belarus.

Today, Simon’s store purchases used electronics, including iPhones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game systems; offering cash on the spot for today’s hot tech tools and yesterday’s favorites (including retro gaming systems like Nintendo and Super Nintendo). The PayMore model removes the hassle for consumers of selling online to someone you don’t know and trust, reducing fraud concerns and providing ways to support local business. The Bensonhurst store offers a safe, walk-in location to buy, sell and trade electronic devices for cash and pays highly competitive rates for new, used and even broken tech devices.

This once struggling and now expending local presence provides an important service to the Bensonhurst community. For residents who don’t have the resources or credit history to purchase a new mobile device with a major carrier, the store offers pre-paid mobile plans combined with “bring your own device” technology, all with competitive pricing options. Most importantly, PayMore takes its customers’ data privacy very seriously, with highly trained technicians wiping all devices before they are resold, something online dealers just can’t promise.

PayMore started in 2011 when the company launched its first store in Massapequa, NY. Today, it is the largest electronics buy and sell store on Long Island, NY. PayMore began offering franchise opportunities in 2017, growing the PayMore brand into three locations with over 15 full time employees and more than 39,000 customers served in New York. The company plans to open 50 new locations throughout the next two years, working with new franchise owners across the country.

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