Quickly and Easily Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health

Ever feel like your iPhone’s battery seems to be dying faster than it normally does? Maybe you’re using your phone more, maybe you have more apps opened, or maybe you’ve been streaming music. All of these things can drain your battery more quickly – but there could be another reason why.

Your iPhone battery is losing its original 100% capacity to hold charge and its health is slowly declining with your device’s age – and here’s how to check.

1. Goto your iPhone’s Settings App.

Inside the iPhone setting app you’ll see a list of sections to chose from, open up the “Battery” section.

iphone battery settings

2. Select Battery Health

Inside the Battery section, you’ll see a section called “Battery Health”

iphone battery

3. View Maximum Capacity

Now you’ll be able to see your iPhone’s maximum battery capacity!

battery health iphone

Our PayMore technical staff feels that around 80% is when you should start thinking about having your iPhone battery changed. Luckily, the time and cost of an iPhone battery replacements runs typically $30-$60 depending on the iPhone model and takes under a half hour to complete.