PayMore Business Solutions: Moving at the Speed of Your Business


Did you know that PayMore Stores helps small and mid-sized businesses, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies with tailored products and services designed specifically to meet diverse technology needs? All big employers – from businesses to school districts – understand the importance of providing team members with the right technology tools to do their job. Unfortunately, this can result in an overstock of aging and broken high-tech equipment and large annual IT budgets.

Business Electronics Buy-Back and Trade-in Programs

From our bulk buy-back electronics program to liquidation support and on-site computer repair services, PayMore Stores is the trusted business-to-business and business-to-government partner serving your community. We help businesses earn back money on IT purchases by liquidating old and damaged electronics stock for cash on the spot. We also help businesses save money on future IT purchases by selecting and purchasing the right new or gently used electronics at reasonable rates with bulk purchase discounts.

The PayMore Stores smartphone buy-back program saves businesses even more money with a trade-in on old devices like business iPhones and tablets for updated models. In addition, the PayMore Stores team are industry experts in data privacy. Each of our staff understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your clients and team members by wiping all electronic devices, including iPhones, Macbooks, comput

ers, laptops, iPads, and mobile devices. When you partner with a local PayMore Store, you know your personal and business data is in safe hands.

Corporate IT Purchasing Discounts and Warranties

One of our most used programs by local business, government agencies, and colleges and universities is the PayMore Stores bulk electronics trade-in program. We also offer discounted corporate purchasing options for clients looking for multiple electronics purchases. Companies can save a huge about of money by partnering with a PayMore Store on pre-owned technology purchases – from laptop and desktop computers to mobile technology tools. We offer warranties on all pre-owned electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. We can fulfill large quantities of certified unlocked Apple iPhones at steep discounts, with full 90 day warranties.

Supporting Growing Businesses and Meeting Compliance and Business Recycling Needs

To date, PayMore Stores has worked with insurance companies, technology firms, capital equity firms, financial services companies, industrial manufacturers, eCommerce and design companies, administrative offices, medical offices, entertainment venues, hotels, and more. We’ve helped a local music studio sell electronics in Cary, NC and supported businesses that are closing, moving, and expanding. We’ve partnered with large and medium sized companies, warehouse liquidators, law enforcement liquidators, camera repair companies, and trucking and logistics firms – providing them the right service and the right time, for the right price. Most recently we’ve help supply a restaurant chain in New York with discounted iPads Mini’s for their wait staff to take orders from their customers. Our new location is quickly becoming the go to place to sell electronics for cash in Gastonia, NC which is also servicing residents and busineses looking to buy or sell electronics Charlotte, NC as well.

PayMore Stores also works with local recycling programs and electronic recycling companies to ensure your company meets its business greening goals. We’ve worked with school districts and know how to meet essential compliance measures as needed. We also provide education to students and youth about data privacy, re purposing devices to prevent them from ending up in landfills, saving money by purchasing gently used electronics at discounts and understanding that value of electronics.

As the speed of technology continues to grow year-by-year, and your businesses changes and expands, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge and provide your team members with the best technology solutions to meet your businesses’ growing needs. We can help!

PayMore Stores offers custom programs tailed to your business’s specific needs and designed to reduce the cost of acquiring new technologies, with bulk purchasing, trade-in programs, and repair support. We will purchase all of your used and damaged electronics – all with strict data privacy support.

Contact our business support team or visit a PayMore Store in New York or North Carolina, with new locations being developed across the country.