Join a fast-growing franchise in the exploding electronics and eCommerce industries, with an additional twist on one of the oldest most proven industries.

Join a fast growing recession proof franchise that is expanding nationally! We are the leader in “cash for electronics” and have become to be known as a “digital” or “electronic pawn shop”. PayMore has combined and perfected multiple industries to evolve into a proven business model. We intertwine a pawn shop like operation, with a signature ambiance, a focus on electronics, and solid eCommerce process.

Become your community’s electronic hero by not only offering great cash deals on previously owned or broken devices, but re-purposing them into savings for local and national shoppers, all while doing your part to help keep eWaste of our landfills, and keeping your local community data safe.

In 2018, the revenue from smartphone sales is projected to amount to 78 billion U.S. dollars.

Our stores provide a fast, safe and easy way for consumers to sell their new, used, and broken smartphones for cash. With smartphone ownership and prices on the rise, our industry is experiencing incredible growth. Be a part of this booming smartphone and electronic revolution!

Half of younger adults live in a household with three or more smartphones, and roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone.

It is estimated that roughly three quarters of Americans are now using smartphones. This presents a very unique opportunity for our franchisees!

Frequently asked questions

Joining the PayMore team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business, but not just any business, a proven business in an exploding electronics industry with a low investment, simple operations, flexible floor plans, solid support, cooperative advertising, a two week training program, ongoing learning for our owners and their staff, store development assistance, design support, lease negotiations, construction guidance and much, much more.

We have built a strong brand with a proven system that combines multiple high growth industries into one — that delivers a superior product to consumers.

Our custom software, processes, and brand name will provide you with what you need to succeed.

The initial franchise fee is $15,000.

Along with this franchise fee, there is a royalty fee of only 3%. This fee is not based off gross sales, it is a competitively based percentage based of the electronics purchased through your location(s), which allows you to grow and scale your business quickly.

Depending on the franchise model and location you choose – your brick and mortar build out costs will vary from $25,000-$225,000.

We understand the need to protect our franchisee’s territories. We not only offer our franchisees a 10-25 mile radius (depending on your regional demographics) but also a competitive “right of refusal” option which will allow our first-mover franchisees the ability to continue to open units in their surrounding areas before prospective outside investment is signed.

You will receive a rigorous two week training program in our Long Island location. This training will cover all business operations, procedures and staff operations.

Your training will prepare you to fully operate your PayMore store, or multiple stores.

You will receive continued ongoing support for your location(s). You will have full access to our franchise portal which provides your initial training documents, workflows, and more.

Because the electronics industry is always changing, you will also become a part our internal franchise knowledge base built by us, and consistently perfected by our franchisees. This live knowledge base connects our franchisees and allow them to share ideas, updates, product launches and more. Our franchisees have unparalleled experience that you will gain. Become part of family that values teamwork and shared success!

The backbone of our company is a custom point of sale software that has been developed over 6 years. We continue to develop our software as our company grows, and we maintain a very heavy focus on process automation and giving our franchisee’s the competitive edge they deserve.

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